How to Switch Accounts on OPay

First and foremost, we want you to understand that having more that one or two OPay accounts violate the fintech terms and conditions. However, in a situation whereby you need to logout one OPay account and login another one, it’s very possible. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the processes of switching … Read more

How to Power OFF iPhone 14

“How can I turn off my iPhone 14” is a common issue among Apple users in the United State, China, Germany and other part of Europe and Africa. Well, powering off your iPhone 14 or turning off iPhone 14 display screen is a simple task to do with ease. Smartphones have become an essential part … Read more

You can now send DMs on Bluesky. Here’s how

Bluesky has introduced direct messaging (DM) for users, allowing text and emoji exchanges for now, with plans to support images and videos in the future. Currently, the feature only supports one-on-one conversations, with group chats expected in upcoming updates. Bluesky’s DMs, announced in a blog post on Wednesday, gives users another reason to consider switching … Read more

How to turn off Contact Sharing on iPhone iOS 17

In many cases, NameDrop has share your contact information without your consent yeah? If that’s the case or if not but looking for ways to turn contact sharing off on your phone, you’re in the right guides. Thanks to Apple’s latest iOS 17 on iPhones that comes with numerous Add-ons; one of which is the … Read more

How to Clear Transaction History on OPAY

Infact, you cannot delete, clear or archive your transaction history on the OPay App. Contacting OPay customer care service would also not help in deleting/clearing your OPay’s Transactions History unless you want to close your OPay Account completely. However, closing down your OPay Account doesn’t guarantee that your transaction histories are cleared on OPay database. … Read more

Iranian President Helicopter Crash – Live Updated

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has tragically died after a helicopter carrying him and other officials crashed in a mountainous and forested area of the country during poor weather conditions. The accident claimed the life of the 63-year-old leader, who had been serving as president for nearly three years and was anticipated to seek re-election next … Read more

Africans, is it “Bribe” or “Pest Control”?

Believe it or not, Bribing has been existing in Africa before colonization. Democracy arrived in Africa on colonial ships. Before the White Men came, Africans had established functional systems centered around local chiefs and patronage. In some part of Nigeria; the Yorubas precisely, they call it “ISAKOLE”. Isakole is part of the Yoruba culture that … Read more

Government Houses for Sale in Abuja

In Abuja, the Nigerian government doesn’t engage directly in selling houses. The point that people are searching for Government Houses available for sales that they can buy came from the perspective of selling houses built for forces or Government Housing Estate. Many years back, government usually build houses for solders and policemen in the bush; … Read more

Distress Houses for Sale in Abuja

In Abuja, there are some houses for sale that are called “distressed“. This doesn’t mean they’re falling apart, but they’re sold for special reasons. These houses can be a good chance for both buyers and sellers. Distressed houses are cheaper than others. They’re good for people who want to buy their first house or invest … Read more

How to Delete Saved Data on PS5 Game Console

Lots of Game Consoles let you delete your saved games from a “Menu” inside the game hardware, which is helpful. But sometimes, you might want to check all the saved games on your PlayStation 5 and delete the ones you don’t need anymore. For instance, if you’re looking to deleting save data on PS5 without … Read more