Google is connecting Africa to Australia with Umoja subsea cable

According to Google subsea cable Map, Google’s fibre optic cable has been coming from Kenya, passes through Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia, Zimbabwe, and with Google Cloud Region in Johannesburg, the fibre optic cables stopped in South Africa. Now, Google has announced Umoja subsea cable to connect Africa with Australia. The subsea cable … Read more

How to Link NIN to MTN after being Blocked

If you fail to comply to Nigeria government’s rulings that all active SIM cards in the country must be linked or attached with the users’ National Identification Number (NIN), it’s possible your MTN SIM card has been blocked by now. In this article, we’ll walk you through the processes of unblocking your MTN SIM card … Read more

Airtel Binge Bundle: Everything You Need To Know

Airtel Binge Bundle is a set of data plans provided by Airtel Nigeria designed for heavy data users who require significant data volumes for short-term needs. The Airtel Binge Bundle’s data plans are specifically for people who need significant amounts of data for short periods. These bundles provide users with large data volumes at affordable … Read more

Starlink Internet Now Available in Indonesia

Starlink is now available in 17,000 islands of Indonesia. The satellite-based internet service, operated by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, promises high-speed internet even in the most remote and rural regions of Indonesia. According to the AP, Musk visited the island of Bali Today, Sunday 19th of May, 2024, to officially launch the SpaceX’s satellite internet service. … Read more

MTN True Talk and MTN Beta Talk [Explained] 2024

The MTN True Talk and MTN Beta Talk are offered by MTN NG in Nigeria. These two tariff plans are most popular among MTN subscribers in the country. Both tariff plans provide customers with economical call rates, including international calls, and offer seamless migration between them. In Nigeria, opting in for tariff plan that suit … Read more

How to unblock MTN SIM with NIN

MTN SIM cards being blocked is not a new thing in Nigeria. These SIM cards are blocked for various reasons including entering the wrong PIN or PUK multiple times, failure to register the SIM and most of it all, non-compliance to Nigeria government’s directive issued on December 2020 that all SIM cards must be linked … Read more

Damages to International Undersea Cables Across East and West Africa Resulted in Slow Internet Speed

Many African internet providers, including MTN, are suffering from internet outages caused by submarine cables across East & West Africa that were damaged. MTN Nigeria has sent an apology message to all its customers, citing that the current difficulties experiencing with internet speed and accessing data services is being caused by damage to international undersea … Read more