You can now send DMs on Bluesky. Here’s how

Bluesky has introduced direct messaging (DM) for users, allowing text and emoji exchanges for now, with plans to support images and videos in the future. Currently, the feature only supports one-on-one conversations, with group chats expected in upcoming updates. Bluesky’s DMs, announced in a blog post on Wednesday, gives users another reason to consider switching … Read more

Microsoft and G42 to invest $1billion in Geothermal-Powered Data Center in Kenya

Following the laid off of its facility’s engineers in Nigeria, Microsoft Corporation, in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates’ leading artificial intelligence firm G42, is set to invest $1 billion in the construction of a geothermal-powered data center in Kenya. This ambitious project represents a significant step forward in bolstering cloud-computing infrastructure in East Africa, … Read more

TikTok launches $1 million social impact program

Amid potential regulatory challenges in the U.S., TikTok has announced a  initiative for creators driving positive social change. Dubbed the TikTok Change Makers Program, this is TikTok’s “first-ever global social impact creator elevation program“. It aims to highlight and support creators focused on education, activism, and advocacy. Ten creators will participate in the TikTok Change … Read more

Iranian President Helicopter Crash – Live Updated

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has tragically died after a helicopter carrying him and other officials crashed in a mountainous and forested area of the country during poor weather conditions. The accident claimed the life of the 63-year-old leader, who had been serving as president for nearly three years and was anticipated to seek re-election next … Read more

CBN officially withdraws controversial Cybersecurity Levy

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has officially rescinded the implementation of the controversial 0.5% cybersecurity levy just three days before its scheduled implementation, a move that had stirred significant regressive among financial institutions and stakeholders. In 2024, the Cybersecurity Act was amended to broaden the levy’s scope, extending it to fintech companies, payment service … Read more

Flutterwave suffers ₦11 billion loss in security breach

In a shocking cyberattack, financial technology giant Flutterwave has reported a loss of ₦11 billion following a significant cybersecurity breach. The breach, which has sent shockwaves through the fintech industry, underscores the growing threat of cyber attacks targeting the financial institution. Just a month after securing a court order to reclaim $24 million lost in … Read more

Measles Outbreak: 42 People Killed in Northern Part of Nigeria

Health officials in Nigeria are grappling with a recent measles outbreak that has impacted several communities in the northeastern part of the country. The outbreak, particularly concerning in Adamawa state, has resulted in a reported number of deaths, highlighting the importance of routine vaccinations. According to the health commissioner of Adamawa state, Felix Tangwami, a … Read more

Major Solar Storm Disrupts and Degrades Musk’s Starlink Satellites

On Saturday, Starlink, the satellite division of Elon Musk’s SpaceX, cautioned of “degraded service” amidst the Earth enduring its most substantial geomagnetic storm in two decades due to solar activity. Starlink maintains approximately 60% of the approximately 7,500 satellites orbiting Earth, solidifying its dominance in satellite internet provision. Musk mentioned earlier on Saturday 11 May, … Read more

TikTok introduces ‘AI-Generated’ Label for Watermarked Third-Party Content

TikTok is enhancing its platform by introducing a notable update regarding the identification of AI-generated content. Previously, TikTok had been employing an “AI-generated” tag for content created within its ecosystem using the platform’s own suite of AI tools. However, this functionality has now been extended to encompass content originating from external platforms as well. This … Read more

Microsoft only Layoffs Engineers at the African Development Centre in Lagos not Shutdown

Microsoft’s African Development Centre, the one located in Lagos Nigeria, has denied its shutdown in the African most populous nation, a spokeman for the company disclosed this to Techpoint Africa. According to the spokeman, the Engineers at the African Development Centre in Lagos has been dismissed, however, the Microsoft office remain fully operational. Meanwhile, the … Read more