Microsoft only Layoffs Engineers at the African Development Centre in Lagos not Shutdown

Microsoft's African Development Centre

Microsoft’s African Development Centre, the one located in Lagos Nigeria, has denied its shutdown in the African most populous nation, a spokeman for the company disclosed this to Techpoint Africa.

According to the spokeman, the Engineers at the African Development Centre in Lagos has been dismissed, however, the Microsoft office remain fully operational.

Meanwhile, the exact reason Microsoft let go of employees in Lagos African Development Centre was not specified. The company only cited that “organizational and workforce adjustments are essential aspects of managing our business.”

The African Development Centre was Incepted in Lagos Nigeria in 2022 As part of Microsoft continues commitment to providing top-notch engineering and innovative solutions for the company.

However, this Layoffs has lead to many jobs lost. When the African Development Centre was established in 2022, At that time, Microsoft employed over 200 engineers in Lagos and more than 500 in Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s unfortunate that many of the employees in Nigeria are affected by the cutoffs. Although, Microsoft didn’t make the exact number of people that’s affected clear, the spokeman only said “the teams of Engineers.”

“Organizational and workforce adjustments are routine and essential aspects of managing our business,” the spokesperson added.

However, despite laying off Engineers at the African Development Centre in Lagos, Microsoft made it cleared that it will still sustain operations in Nigeria, maintaining a focus on and investing in strategic growth areas.