MIT scientists found how to make steel with electricity

Boston Metal, an MIT spinout, is commercializing an innovative method for producing steel and other metals, aiming to reduce emissions in this high-pollution industry. Steelmaking is crucial to global industries, but its current processes are highly detrimental to the climate, contributing approximately seven to nine percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. To address this issue, former … Read more

How to Switch Accounts on OPay

First and foremost, we want you to understand that having more that one or two OPay accounts violate the fintech terms and conditions. However, in a situation whereby you need to logout one OPay account and login another one, it’s very possible. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the processes of switching … Read more

Google is connecting Africa to Australia with Umoja subsea cable

According to Google subsea cable Map, Google’s fibre optic cable has been coming from Kenya, passes through Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia, Zimbabwe, and with Google Cloud Region in Johannesburg, the fibre optic cables stopped in South Africa. Now, Google has announced Umoja subsea cable to connect Africa with Australia. The subsea cable … Read more

How to Power OFF iPhone 14

“How can I turn off my iPhone 14” is a common issue among Apple users in the United State, China, Germany and other part of Europe and Africa. Well, powering off your iPhone 14 or turning off iPhone 14 display screen is a simple task to do with ease. Smartphones have become an essential part … Read more

You can now send DMs on Bluesky. Here’s how

Bluesky has introduced direct messaging (DM) for users, allowing text and emoji exchanges for now, with plans to support images and videos in the future. Currently, the feature only supports one-on-one conversations, with group chats expected in upcoming updates. Bluesky’s DMs, announced in a blog post on Wednesday, gives users another reason to consider switching … Read more

Who is Wizkid Manager?

Wizkid’s manager is Jada Pollock, also known as Jada P. She has been managing Wizkid for several years and is also his partner. Jada Pollock previously worked as Chris Brown’s manager and met Wizkid in 2012 at a Chris Brown concert in Lagos. Their professional relationship eventually blossomed into a personal one, and they now … Read more

How to use “Safe Mode” to troubleshoot any problem on PS5

Safe Mode on PS5 is a troubleshooting tool built into the PlayStation 5 console. It runs the PS5 with minimal functionality to help users resolve issues by accessing a limited interface. In Safe Mode, problematic features are disabled, allowing users to change key settings or reset the console. In other words, Safe Mode lets you start … Read more

Microsoft and G42 to invest $1billion in Geothermal-Powered Data Center in Kenya

Following the laid off of its facility’s engineers in Nigeria, Microsoft Corporation, in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates’ leading artificial intelligence firm G42, is set to invest $1 billion in the construction of a geothermal-powered data center in Kenya. This ambitious project represents a significant step forward in bolstering cloud-computing infrastructure in East Africa, … Read more

TikTok launches $1 million social impact program

Amid potential regulatory challenges in the U.S., TikTok has announced a  initiative for creators driving positive social change. Dubbed the TikTok Change Makers Program, this is TikTok’s “first-ever global social impact creator elevation program“. It aims to highlight and support creators focused on education, activism, and advocacy. Ten creators will participate in the TikTok Change … Read more

How to Link NIN to MTN after being Blocked

If you fail to comply to Nigeria government’s rulings that all active SIM cards in the country must be linked or attached with the users’ National Identification Number (NIN), it’s possible your MTN SIM card has been blocked by now. In this article, we’ll walk you through the processes of unblocking your MTN SIM card … Read more