How to Switch Accounts on OPay


First and foremost, we want you to understand that having more that one or two OPay accounts violate the fintech terms and conditions.

However, in a situation whereby you need to logout one OPay account and login another one, it’s very possible.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the processes of switching Accounts on OPay without compromising anything or getting blocked/banned.

Switching Accounts on OPAY

Follow these steps to successfully switch between your OPay Accounts on a single device/phone.

Step 1: Logout current OPay Account on Phone

This is the first step to take when switching between two OPay Accounts in one phone. You’ll have to sign out the current account from the device before you sign in another account.

This process is crucial to avoid being banned from using the fintech app. If the current account is not signed out, it may trigger OPay security system and raise alarm about the situation which can get both accounts restricted.

Therefore, open your OPay App and navigate to “Me”, click on “Sign out” and you’ll be redirected to the Login page.

Step 2: Login the second OPay Account

Once you’ve successfully logged out the running OPay Account on the app and you’ve been redirected to the Login page, now sign in the second OPay Account.

Once you’re in, you can carryout any transactions within the app successfully without any situation. You can repeat these steps to switch between multiple OPay Accounts in Nigeria.

Can I have two OPay Accounts?

According to OPay terms and conditions, you cannot have two or multiple OPay Accounts. This action violates OPay terms and conditions.

However, there’s a way to have two OPay Accounts without compromising one another. You can simply have two or more OPay by opening the accounts with different personal information such as names, bank verification number (bvn) and national identification number (NIN).

In a nutshell, if you can provide a different identification methods for KYC verifications for each Accounts, you can have two or multiple OPay Accounts without any problem.