eTranzact ventures into Uganda: Expanding its operations in East Africa

eTranzact, doing business as eTranzact Global Limited, is a fintech and payment technology provider in Nigeria. After obtaining an operational Licences from the Central Bank of Uganda (BoU), the declared its entrance into the Ugandan market. BoU has issued two Licences to the financial technology company under the National Payment Systems Operator Act of 2020. These … Read more

Bolt denies claims that it laid off Employees in Nigeria

On May 3, TexhNext reported that Bolt Nigeria laid off 22 out of 44 employees in Edo, Port Harcourt and Owerri. However, Bolt has denied this claim, citing that it only stopped it collaboration with some of its employees. Bolt said this to Techpoint Africa. The ride-hailing company cited that the Layoffs of a thing … Read more

Bolt Layoffs in Nigeria 2024

Bolt has reportedly layoffs 22 employees out of 45 that are currently operating in Nigeria. This news was disclosed by a source familiar with the matter. The source cited that senior management staffs of the ride-hailing company are part of the employees that were affected by the layoffs. Mostly, Bolt staffs in Warri, Port Harcourt … Read more

Uber Comfort is now available in Nairobi, Kenya, Learn More

Of course, when I said Legroom and Headroom, you should know that the “Uber Comfort” car will be a little bigger. I addition, it’s also newer. This ride-hailing service just arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s already been existing in three Africa cities; the South Africans cities, the Ivorians cities and the Ghanians cities. The Launch … Read more