Uber Comfort is now available in Nairobi, Kenya, Learn More

Uber Comfort

Of course, when I said Legroom and Headroom, you should know that the “Uber Comfort” car will be a little bigger. I addition, it’s also newer. This ride-hailing service just arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s already been existing in three Africa cities; the South Africans cities, the Ivorians cities and the Ghanians cities.

The Launch of Uber Comfort in Kenya cities is an reimagined aim to providing the “most discerning passengers with a modern, spacious and personalizable method of moving around their cities”. Uber also uses “Comfort” to launch more incentive options for drivers to tap from Economics resources.

Features of Uber Comfort

The Uber Comfort is offering more comfortable environment for riders. As mentioned earlier, Uber Comfort’s cars are much newer, modern and spacious, giving you more space around your legs and head.

The Uber Comfort in Kenya will also give you more preferences including setting conversational levels such as the default ” no preference,” “happy to chat with the driver,” and “quiet preferred not talk with the driver.”

Passenger talking to Driver

The most interesting part of Uber Comfort is that you can stipulate your ideal temperature through your Uber taxi app in advance. In other words, you can control the car’s air-conditioning system to your preferred temperature before you even gets into the car.

Furthermore, Uber Comfort Kenya also offers you an extended wait time of up to 7 minutes. That’s, when your ride arrives, you still have the privilege to delay the driver for seven minutes before you actually start your trip.

However, Uber Comfort is pricey compares to Uber X trip and Uber Chap Chap trip in Kenya. Generally, the Uber Comfort is 15% to 20% costly more than the regular existing Uber services in Kenya.

Uber Comfort requirements for potential Drivers

If you’re willing to become a Uber Comfort’s driver in Kenya, you must possesses a standard car of not less than 2015 model. The car must be big, most especially SUVs, and be in good condition e.g AC must be working.

Example of Suitable Car for Uber Comfort

Uber said it will personally inspect the car to ensure it meet the company’s criteria. However, if you’re eligible to driver Uber Comfort’s car, you’ll earn more and get more compensations. Drivers in this category are likely to earn more than drivers in regular Uber categories because the service is requiring alot from drivers and charging more fees from riders.

Lastly, the Uber app features certain security settings including Emergency Assistance, GPS/Location Tracking, Audio Recording and Trip Insurance for both the driver and rider. These features are not new; they’re also available in existing Uber ride-hailing services.