You can now send DMs on Bluesky. Here’s how

Bluesky has introduced direct messaging (DM) for users, allowing text and emoji exchanges for now, with plans to support images and videos in the future. Currently, the feature only supports one-on-one conversations, with group chats expected in upcoming updates. Bluesky’s DMs, announced in a blog post on Wednesday, gives users another reason to consider switching … Read more

TikTok launches $1 million social impact program

Amid potential regulatory challenges in the U.S., TikTok has announced a  initiative for creators driving positive social change. Dubbed the TikTok Change Makers Program, this is TikTok’s “first-ever global social impact creator elevation program“. It aims to highlight and support creators focused on education, activism, and advocacy. Ten creators will participate in the TikTok Change … Read more

TikTok introduces ‘AI-Generated’ Label for Watermarked Third-Party Content

TikTok is enhancing its platform by introducing a notable update regarding the identification of AI-generated content. Previously, TikTok had been employing an “AI-generated” tag for content created within its ecosystem using the platform’s own suite of AI tools. However, this functionality has now been extended to encompass content originating from external platforms as well. This … Read more

Meta uses Facebook’s Pixel to Track your Every Moves

The Facebook Pixel (otherwise known as Meta Pixel) is a piece of JavaScript code that tracks and records visitor’s engagements when placed on a website HTML area. Meta embedded this code on Facebook and Instagram to track our every move even far beyond what we disclosed on these social media apps. A tech journalist has … Read more