TikTok launches $1 million social impact program

TikTok Change Makers Program

Amid potential regulatory challenges in the U.S., TikTok has announced a  initiative for creators driving positive social change. Dubbed the TikTok Change Makers Program, this is TikTok’s “first-ever global social impact creator elevation program“. It aims to highlight and support creators focused on education, activism, and advocacy.

Ten creators will participate in the TikTok Change Makers Program, receiving support from TikTok over six months to advance their individual missions. While specific details of how the program will work remain unclear, TikTok’s Head of Creators, Kim Farrell, stated that the initiative will assist “social impact creators and non-profit organizations in reaching more communities, unlocking real-world opportunities, and fostering lasting, meaningful change.”

The creators participating in the TikTok Change Makers Program represent a diverse array of causes, including environmental activism, education, and motivational speaking. Notable participants include medical student Joel Bervell (@joelbervell), photographer Kara Lewis (@karaxlewis), special education teacher Jason Linton (@dadlifejason), and environmental storyteller Eli Virkina (@elivirkina).

TikTok is set to provide a $25,000 donation to each creator’s chosen nonprofit as part of its new program. This initiative is part of a broader commitment, with TikTok announcing it will distribute over $1 million to 30 global and local organizations. This significant financial support underscores TikTok’s dedication to driving social impact through its platform.

In conjunction with the program, TikTok has introduced this inaugural global Change Makers list, featuring 50 creators from various countries, including Kenya, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the U.K., Philippines, Spain, Nigeria, and Canada. This diverse list highlights the global reach and influence of TikTok creators dedicated to making a positive difference in their communities.

Moreover, TikTok is enhancing its focus on social impact through the dedicated hashtag #TikTokforGood and a specialized account serving as a “social impact hub.” The aim is to foster a community of creators and viewers committed to education, activism, and advocacy, further solidifying TikTok’s role as a platform for social change.

The announcement of the Change Makers Program comes just weeks after President Biden signed a bill that could potentially ban the app in the U.S. In response, TikTok has filed a lawsuit, defending its presence and operations. This program, along with the lawsuit, highlights TikTok’s efforts to assert its positive societal contributions amidst ongoing regulatory challenges.