How to Link NIN to MTN after being Blocked

Link NIN to MTN

If you fail to comply to Nigeria government’s rulings that all active SIM cards in the country must be linked or attached with the users’ National Identification Number (NIN), it’s possible your MTN SIM card has been blocked by now.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the processes of unblocking your MTN SIM card after being blocked for the NIN’s non compliance regulatory.

However, if your MTN SIM card is not blocked due to NIN non-compliance reasons, here’s a comprehensive guides that will walk you through how to unblock your MTN SIM and other things to know about PUK blocking and unblocking.

Unblocking MTN SIM with NIN after being Blocked

To unblocked your blocked MTN SIM card with NIN, you’ll need to retrieve the NIN if you don’t have it saved on your phone or somewhere else. To retrieve the NIN, dial *346# on your registered phone number and choose option 1 which is “NIN Retrieval.

Furthermore, you can also retrieve you NIN through NIMC mobile app. Kindly login to the app and your NIN will be displayed on the homepage of the app. You can also walk in to any NIMC offices nationwide to retrieve your National Identification Number (NIN).

Linking NIN to Blocked MTN SIM

There are three methods to unblocked your MTN SIM card with NIN; USSD Method, MTN Web Method and NIMC Mobile App ID Method.

Method 1: Linking NIN to Blocked MTN via USSD

You can easily unblock your MTN SIM by linking your NIN through dialing of *785# USSD code. With this USSD code, you can easily connect their NIN to MTN and get your blocked line unblock immediately.

Method 2: Linking NIN to Blocked MTN via MTN Online Portal

To link your NIN to your blocked MTN SIM via MTN NIN webpage, visit this url: on your device’s web browser. On the page, enter the blocked MTN phone number, email address and your NIN and click on Next. Follow the instructions that follows to successfully connect your NIN to your MTN Line.

Method 3: Linking NIN to Blocked MTN SIM via NIMC Mobile ID App

You can also unblock your MTN SIM card simply by linking your NIN to the SIM card via NIMC Mobile ID App. Here’s how:

If you haven’t download the NIMC app, navigate to your phone’s app store to download and install the NIMC app. After installation, proceed to the login section within the app. Input your NIN and authenticate the login by confirming the OTP sent to the phone number associated with your NIN.

Upon successful login, access the “My Device” section and select “Add Mobile Number.” Enter the MTN number that is currently blocked and verify it by entering the OTP sent to that number. This process will effectively link your NIN to your MTN number and subsequently unblock your SIM card.

Please be aware that it might take up to 48 hours for your SIM card to be unblocked after successfully linking your NIN. If after this period your SIM card remains blocked, repeat the aforementioned steps until the process is successful.

Final Thoughts

By following the outlined steps diligently, you can efficiently link your NIN to your blocked MTN number, subsequently unblocking it. While the process may require patience, the ultimate goal of regulatory compliance and continued connectivity is achievable through persistent efforts.

In conclusion, ensuring the seamless linkage of your NIN to your MTN number is pivotal in complying with regulatory requirements and ensuring uninterrupted telecommunications services. Whether through the USSD code or the NIMC app, the process let you to comply with government directives regarding national identification and SIM cards in Nigeria.