TikTok introduces ‘AI-Generated’ Label for Watermarked Third-Party Content

TikTok is enhancing its platform by introducing a notable update regarding the identification of AI-generated content. Previously, TikTok had been employing an “AI-generated” tag for content created within its ecosystem using the platform’s own suite of AI tools. However, this functionality has now been extended to encompass content originating from external platforms as well. This … Read more

Egypt and Italy partner to create AI Data Centre in Cairo, aiming for African Leadership

Cairo, Egypt – May 6, 2024 – A powerful collaboration between Egypt and Italy promises to propel Africa to the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) development. The partnership, announced after a meeting between Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat and Italian Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso, will establish … Read more

Engineers use GPT4 to build NNC: a brain-inspired Chip

Michael Tomlinson, an Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate, and Joe Li, an undergraduate of Johns Hopkins University, have created neural network chips, a nueromorphic accelerators, that works related to human brain, using prompts in ChatGPT4. The neural network chips have potentials than you ever think of. The chip is advance enough to power energy-efficient, real-time … Read more