Readnewshere is a modern site delivering impressive reporting about African innovations, most especially in technology, finance, business and science.

The site was launched on March 1, 2024 by Temitope Samuel Salau, popular known as Temmy Samuel, a modern tech journalist and financial advisor.

We focus on technology news, events, analysis and reviews of Innovations in and outside Africa with major emphasis on showcasing local Tech and innovations and how they impact Africa and the world at large.

Readership management and User Experience matter so much to us. And that informs the core of what we do from our choice of colour, font size, line height and future feature integrations. It also informs the kind of ads we display on the site, if any.

As a platform, READNEWSHERE.COM helps you reach a niche market through native advertising, content marketing and a host of other customised products that help augment and boost your company’s overall marketing communications and strategy. With a vibrant online community of Tech enthusiasts, IT personalities, ICT thought-leaders and influencers we help create engagement about your products and services with a goal to increase online brand presence, customer acquisition and revenue.