NFTs: Are they still a thing to buy or not profitable in 2024?

A few years ago, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) became super popular. NFTs are digital assets that show ownership of contents, like art or videos, and they’re recorded on a special technology innovation system called a Blockchain. People went crazy over NFTs and spent lots of money on them. For example, a famous auction house called Christie‚Äôs … Read more

Nigerian officials allegedly demanded a $150 million bribe before arresting Binance Executives

A month before Binance Executives were arrested in February, Tigran Gambrayan, an international compliance officer for the cryptocurrency platform, came to Nigeria and he was allegedly requested $150 million in cryptocurrency by Nigerian officials. According to a report from the New York Times disclosed the news, implying that the requested $150 million cryptocurrency was a … Read more

Solona: SOL Expected to Hit Record High Amid Turnaround

Solana, a popular cryptocurrency, has been doing really well lately. An expert predicts it might reach its highest price ever. In the past day, its value went up by more than 2.6%. Now it’s above $142. This rise is giving it momentum for more gains. Also, Solana has been doing better recently after a month … Read more

How to get Crypto Better SIM Number

Blockchain technology is the backbone of all Crypto SIM Cards. The demand for reliable connectivity solutions nowadays is paramount. Enter Things Mobile, the trailblazing operator for IoT and M2M devices, offering the best-in-class white label SIM cards tailored specifically for blockchain applications. Let’s delve into how Things Mobile’s innovative approach is reshaping the blockchain sphere … Read more

List of Crypto Better SIM Apps in 2024

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Crypto Better SIM Details [Explained] 2024

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What is Crypto Better SIM Card?

Many people refer to Blockchain SIM Card as Crypto Better SIM Card. The word “Crypto Better SIM” was originated from Blockchain where by users use the word “Crypto Better” instead of Blockchain. They further illustrate it as an advance SIM card being integrated on Blockchain. However, the crypto better SIM is a Blockchain-backed SIM card … Read more