What is Crypto Better SIM Card?

Blockchain SIM card

Many people refer to Blockchain SIM Card as Crypto Better SIM Card. The word “Crypto Better SIM” was originated from Blockchain where by users use the word “Crypto Better” instead of Blockchain. They further illustrate it as an advance SIM card being integrated on Blockchain.

However, the crypto better SIM is a Blockchain-backed SIM card that leverages Blockchain technology to integrate additional encryption layers and authentication methods (including improved security, privacy, and fraud prevention) to protect SIM card users from hacking or unauthorized access.

The Crypto Better SIM cards offer numerous advantages compared to our popular traditional SIM cards (like MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, GLO, Orange, Telecel, Moove e.t.c.). This innovative technology works by storing user data on a decentralized blockchain network, rendering it substantially challenging for hackers to compromise or pilfer sensitive information.

Additionally, through the utilization of cryptography, all data transmitted via these SIM cards is encrypted, thereby fortifying user privacy to a greater extent than traditional SIM card.

Features of Crypto Better SIM Cards

As previously stated, Blockchain SIM card is also refers to as Crypto Better SIM card. It contains the identity and cellular network specifics of every users, encompassing their phone number, name, service provider, and additional details.

These SIM cards can create tamper-proof records of all transactions. Consequently, this significantly raises the barriers for criminals attempting SIM card fraud, including sophisticated schemes like SIM swap attacks.

They could also provide features like decentralized authentication or hardware-level security measures to safeguard sensitive data related to cryptocurrencies. However, it’s important to note that the Crypto better SIM is still in it early stage and isn’t widely recognized, so its exact features and functionality may vary depending on the provider or manufacturer.

Blockchain is a very secure technology, that’s why telecom companies base their objectives in exploring blockchain technology to streamline customer experiences by introducing fully digital eSIM options that’s backed by Blockchain, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards and reducing time and inconvenience for customers.

Traditional SIM vs Blockchain SIM

Presently, traditional SIM cards are still operating on technology that has remained largely unchanged since its inception in 1991. Many people still prefer these SIM cards to blockchain-backed SIM because of the ease of switching between phones, especially when traveling.

However, despite the hypes of traditional SIM cards, the technology powering them is certainly outdated. Imagine the service disruptions that happened in most African countries due to subsea cables that were damaged by unknown beings.

You saw how many individuals and businesses that were affected during the service disruptions. Hadn’t been Crypto Better SIM cards are widely used, it might not affect the continent like that because the technology operates on Blockchain’s distributed ledger.

The Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger is a potent system for democratically structuring the nodes, or users, within its network, while incentivizing them for contributing processing power and other resources.

Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger has paved the way for concepts like a decentralized cloud storage network, self-sovereign banks, and transparent voting systems. Crucially, it’s also revolutionize the functionality of our smartphones.

In conclusion, eSIMs are not a new idea, but rolling them out to the general public via blockchain is relatively new. Telecom companies are exploring the potential of the disruptive technology to build more secure and reliable mobile connectivity. However, as of 2023, almost all phone users are still operating their mobile network on physical SIM cards.