Solona: SOL Expected to Hit Record High Amid Turnaround


Solana, a popular cryptocurrency, has been doing really well lately. An expert predicts it might reach its highest price ever. In the past day, its value went up by more than 2.6%. Now it’s above $142.

This rise is giving it momentum for more gains. Also, Solana has been doing better recently after a month of prices going down. This downward trend stopped after the big rise of meme coins in March.

2024 has been a bit up and down for Solana. Earlier in the year, meme coins like Dogwifhat had a big impact on the network. But since March, Solana’s value has been dropping because the overall market has been down.

However, now it seems like Solana is turning things around.

A market expert, Tristan Frizza, believes Solana will surpass its highest price ever of $260. He says Solana is strong and is getting better, despite some problems with its network recently. And it’s not just Frizza who thinks Solana has a bright future.

A big investment company, Franklin Templeton, thinks Solana could become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies, alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum. If that happens, reaching a new record high in 2024 seems very likely.