How to open Providus Bank Savings Account Online 2024

Providus Bank

The Providus Bank Naira MasterCard that allows Nigerians to carryout dollar/international transactions should be enough reason for you to open an account with the bank.

However, the most interesting part of it is that this Providus Bank account can be created online from the comfort of your home, and get your debit card delivered to your doorstep.

In this article, I will walk you through how to open a Providus Bank Savings Account Online and how you can request a physical MasterCard that will be delivered to your home address without hassles.

All you have to do now is carefully read through this comprehensive bank opening guides to get all the full details.

Requiremnts to open a Savings Account with Providus Bank Online

There’s no big deal requiremnts or criterias needed to open a Providus Bank Savings Account online. The usual criterias and documents you needs to open a bank account in physical branches are also needed here.

However, it’s important to let you know that the Providus Bank Savings Account that will be fully opened online is fully digital and at the same time the same like the one opened in bank branch.

In essence, the same documents, requiremnts and criterias are needed to open the savings account online. In a nutshell, here are documents needed to create a Providus Bank Savings Account Online.


Bank Verification Number (BVN) is mandatory by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to be collected before a bank account is opened for any individual in Nigeria.

For this reason, your Bank Verification Number (BVN) will be required to create an online savings account with Providus Bank.

National ID Card

National means of identification is also required to open any bank account in Nigeria. You can use your National Identification Number (NIN), Voter’s Card, Driver’s Licence or International Passport.

Providus Bank Savings Account accept NIN, National ID Card, Voter’s Card, Driver’s Licence and International Passport that’s valid and has not expired.

Utility Bill

You can use any Utility Bills to validate your address. Providus Bank needs this bills as your proof of address.

The bank accept Nepa Bill, Waste Management Bill, Water Bills e.t.c., so far the name of the bill tallies with the ones you submitted in your account.

However, it’s important to note that the utility bill you will be using must be a recent one; that’s, not more than three (3) months old.

Additionally, the image of the Utility Bill must be in JPG, JPEG, WEBP or PNG format. Any other image format may not be accepted.

Passport Photograph

Like other commercial banks in Nigeria, a passport photograph is needed to open an account.

Providus Bank is also requesting you to upload a recent passport-size photograph of yourself.

Specimen Signature

You will also need to write your Signature on a very clear white paper, snap it and upload it.

These are the requirements and documents needed to open the Providus Bank Savings Account Online. And of course, you should be at least 18-years old to proceed.

Opening Providus Bank Savings Account Fully Online

Follow these steps to successfully open a Providus Bank Savings Account Online:

  • Go-to, a Providus Bank online account opening page, on your web browser.
  • Enter your Bank Verification Number in the BVN validation box and click on Validate.
  • You will be sent an OTP to the BVN registered phone number and email address. Confirm the OTP to proceed with the savings account creation.
  • On the next page, fill in your personal and additional details such as your account type, religion, country of residence, preferred phone number, email address, NIN digits, preferred or nearest banking branch, mother’s maiden name, occupation, preferred card type, and current address, and click on Next.
  • You will now be required to upload your documents. Upload your National ID Card, Utility Bill and your Specimen Signature.
  • Next, agree to the bank terms and conditions and click on Submit and Review to complete your account opening application.

Upon submission, expect to receive an SMS and email shortly thereafter, containing congratulations on your approval along with your assigned account number.

The email will also include a customer ID, enabling you to register for Providus Bank’s online and mobile banking services. To obtain a debit card, simply make a deposit.

An exclusive feature of Providus Bank’s Naira MasterCards is their ability to facilitate dollar transactions.

Providus Bank MasterCard ATM Cards

The Providus Bank MasterCard is a debit card offered by Providus Bank, available to customers who open a savings account with the bank.

There are two options: the Classic MasterCard, which requires a minimum opening balance of ₦100,000, and the Platinum Naira MasterCard, which is available to customers who deposit ₦250,000 upon opening their savings account.

The Platinum Naira MasterCard offers a higher limit for dollar payments or transactions. However, for starters, you can make use of two of Providus Bank’s naira card options.

The Classic Naira Mastercard is a budget-friendly option, with an issuance fee of only ₦1000. It offers a $1,200 monthly transaction limit, making it suitable for individuals with basic international payment needs who don’t require high spending power in dollars.

On the other hand, the Platinum Naira Mastercard provides a higher monthly transaction limit of $3,000, ideal for those engaging in frequent international transactions. However, it comes with a ₦5,000 issuance fee and requires a ₦250,000 deposit, which will be held for three months.

It’s important to note that any additional deposits made beyond the initial ₦250,000 will be available for spending throughout the three-month period and beyond.

Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can apply for your preferred card immediately upon opening your account.

Contact Providus Bank customer service through various channels such as phone (070077684387), WhatsApp (09153933333), social media, or email (

Your card will be processed and dispatched within days, contingent upon your location. Alternatively, if there’s a Providus Bank branch nearby, you can visit and receive an instant card issuance on the spot.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for savings account that features naira debit card which can be used online for international payments, Providus Bank Savings Account is the best option to explore.

The interest part about Providus Bank Savings Account is that it can be fully opened online, saving you the stress of being on a queue in bank branch to open an account.

Another thing to consider is that all the documents and requiremnts needed to open a regular bank account in bank branch are also needed to open the Providus Savings Account Online.

Therefore, if you’re interested in all these amazing festures of Providus Bank Savings Account and MasterCard, kindly follow these comprehensive and in-depth guides to get your own savings account ready with debit card being delivered to your preferred doorstep.