Bolt denies claims that it laid off Employees in Nigeria

Bolt Layoffs in Nigeria

On May 3, TexhNext reported that Bolt Nigeria laid off 22 out of 44 employees in Edo, Port Harcourt and Owerri. However, Bolt has denied this claim, citing that it only stopped it collaboration with some of its employees.

Bolt said this to Techpoint Africa. The ride-hailing company cited that the Layoffs of a thing is “misinformation”. The company said it had to downsize to enhance platform efficiency and profitability.

The company also claims it released certain employees as part of its efforts to update and automate numerous customer support and operational processes in Nigeria.

However, the mobility company promised supports, including severance packages, to those impacted by the recent Job cutoffs to support their transition to new career opportunities.

Bolt Nigeria also made it cleared that the tough choice to end collaboration with some staff members wouldn’t compromise the quality of its products for riders and drivers.