How to Delete Saved Data on PS5 Game Console

PS5 Game Console

Lots of Game Consoles let you delete your saved games from a “Menu” inside the game hardware, which is helpful. But sometimes, you might want to check all the saved games on your PlayStation 5 and delete the ones you don’t need anymore.

For instance, if you’re looking to deleting save data on PS5 without losing data, or deleting save files of “Ghost of Tsushima“, “God of War“, and “Genshin Impact“, this guide will help you through the processes of deleting some saved games on your PS5 without losing any data.

Deleting Saved Data on PS5

Follow these steps to easily delete save data on your PlayStation5 without losing any valuable data:

  1. On the PS5 Home Screen, choose “Settings Gear Icon”.
  2. Next, scroll down and choose “Saved Data and Game/App Settings”.
  3. Now, choose either “Saved Data (PS5)” or “Saved Data (PS4)” and scroll down to “Delete”
  4. From the “Delete Page”, you can tick the boxes next to the saved data of as many games as you want without compromising the valuable ones. Then, click on “Delete” at the bottom right to remove it permanently.

In conclusion, managing saved data on your PlayStation 5 is straightforward. By following these steps, you can easily delete unnecessary saved games and free up space for new ones, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.