MTN True Talk and MTN Beta Talk [Explained] 2024

MTN Tariff Plans

The MTN True Talk and MTN Beta Talk are offered by MTN NG in Nigeria. These two tariff plans are most popular among MTN subscribers in the country. Both tariff plans provide customers with economical call rates, including international calls, and offer seamless migration between them.

In Nigeria, opting in for tariff plan that suit your needs is crucial because it’ll literally reduce your communication expenses and overall mobile experience especially at the Internet level. However, if you’re unsure of which tariff plan will go well with your needs, we’ve gotten you covered in this blog post.

This blog post explains everything you need to know about MTN True Talk and MTN Beta Talk; comparing call rates, data packages, bonuses, and SMS fees offers to help you make an informed decision.

In other words, we’ll provide insightful analysis such as comparisons, similarities and differences between the two tariffs plans, delve into specific features of each plan, and offer practical examples to illustrate key points. These will help to simplify the processes of decision making and migration.

MTN TruTalk and Features

MTN TruTalk offers a prepaid tariff enabling you to enjoy a flat rate of 14 kobo/sec for calls to ALL local networks in Nigeria after paying a daily access fee of ₦10. Who is eligible to subscribe to MTN TruTalk? All MTN Prepaid customers can switch to the MTN TruTalk tariff plan.

Previously, flat rate for MTN TruTalk subscribers was 11 Kobo/sec. But as inflation dominate Nigeria in the past two months, the revenue of the telecommunication companies dropped down and request the FG to increase tariffs rate and data rate in Nigeria.

In addition to its features and benefits, MTN TruTalk users receive complimentary data bonuses with each recharge they purchased. However, the data bonus amount depends on the recharge amount.

It’s also important to note that the initial migration to the TruTalk plan within a month is free of charge, but if you subsequently migrate within 30 days, a fee of N102 will be incurred.

Highlighting it voice and SMS rates, MTN TruTalk calls to MTN numbers and other network numbers, after the daily access fee of N10 has been charged, are charged at 14 kobo per second. However, without paying the daily access fee, the rate is 15 kobo per second. Additionally, a flat fee of ₦4.00 applies to all networks in Nigeria.

MTN Beta Talk and Features

MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan strategically crafted to reward MTN NG subscribers with airtime and data bonuses upon every recharge ranging from N1 to N999. Moreover, upon recharging N1000 and beyond, subscribers are entitled to a generous 250% airtime bonus alongside a flat N2500 for data-related activities.

Upon subscribing to MTN BetaTalk, you unlock a plethora of enticing benefits and features. Firstly, you’ll receive a whopping 250% airtime bonus and a commensurate 250% data bonus on each recharge ranging from N1 to N999.

Additionally, when you top up with N1000 or more, you’ll receive a significant 250% airtime bonus and a substantial N2500 flat rate for data usage.

One of the standout features of MTN BetaTalk is its inclusivity. All MTN prepaid customers have the liberty to seamlessly migrate to the MTN BetaTalk tariff plan, ensuring accessibility to these lucrative benefits and features.

When on the MTN BetaTalk plan, you can relish in the extensive array of rewards waiting for you. Whether topping up within the N1 to N999 range or going beyond with a recharge of N1000 or more, you can consistently receive a 250% airtime bonus coupled with a 250% data bonus.

Furthermore, the recharge threshold of N1000 and above triggers an additional perk of a flat N2500 for data activities, further enhancing the value proposition of this plan.

Lastly, MTN BetaTalk offers discounted call rates at 31.5 kobo/s for all networks across Nigeria, making it one of the most cost-effective options in the country.

Migrating to MTN TruTalk or Beta Talk

You can literary migrate to any MTN tariff plans including the TruTalk and the Beta Talk in five ways; USSD, SMS, MTN Chatbot (Zigi), MyMTN App and MyMTN Web.

To migrate via USSD, simply dial *400# or *123*2*6# for MTN TruTalk. For MTN Beta Talk, dial *123*2*1#.

To migrate MTN TruTalk via SMS, kindly open your Message App and text TT to 312. To migrate to MTN Beta Talk, text BT to 312. You will receive a confirmation message about your request in a minute.

To migrate using MTN Chatbot Zigi, kindly visit this page and start a conversation with the Chatbot. You will required to login to start a conversation. Login using your MTN phone number and choose “Services” >> “Tariffs” >> “Personal” >> “TruTalk” or “Beta Talk” from the list of options provided by the Chatbot.

Migration via MyMTN App and MyMTN Web follow the same procedures. Kindly login to your MTN Account using your number through any of those mediums. Click on “Tariffs” >> “Change Plan” >> and choose your plan “TruTalk” or “Beta Talk” from the list of options provided.

MTN TruTalk vs. MTN BetaTalk

Feature MTN TruTalk MTN BetaTalk
Call Rates Flat rate of 14 kobo/second for ALL local calls in Nigeria (after daily access fee) Call rates vary depending on recharge amount. 31.5 kobo/second for calls to any network after first minute charge.
Daily Fee N10 deducted daily No daily fee
Airtime Bonus No airtime bonus Up to 250% bonus on recharge amount (varies depending on recharge value)
Data Bonus No data bonus Up to 250% data bonus on recharge amount (varies depending on recharge value)
Ideal for Frequent callers who want predictable call rates across all networks Users who prioritize airtime and data bonuses and make occasional calls

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, MTN TruTalk and MTN BetaTalk serve different calling preferences. TruTalk ensures a steady call rate across all networks, making it perfect for regular callers who seek reliability. However, it does entail a daily access fee and lacks bonuses for airtime or data.

On the contrary, BetaTalk focuses on maximizing the value of airtime and data. Through its recharge bonuses, users can stretch their money further. Nonetheless, call rates, except for the initial minute, are higher and vary based on the recharge amount.

Ultimately, the optimal choice hinges on your calling habits. If you frequently make calls and prioritize stable rates, TruTalk may be the preferred option.

Yet, if you value bonuses on airtime and data and make occasional calls, BetaTalk might suit you better. Assess your calling patterns and desired features carefully before settling on your MTN plan.