Government Houses for Sale in Abuja

Government Housing Estate

In Abuja, the Nigerian government doesn’t engage directly in selling houses. The point that people are searching for Government Houses available for sales that they can buy came from the perspective of selling houses built for forces or Government Housing Estate.

Many years back, government usually build houses for solders and policemen in the bush; where there’s no civilians. But as civilization begins to dominate the area, those forces will have to evacuate the houses and apartments. This is where looking for Government Houses for Sales is Birthed.

These neglected houses and apartments will be auctioned out for interested people to buy. These houses usually come in a cheaper price and it’s being sold per apartment.

Aside that, there are exist several avenues linked to the government where one can explore options for purchasing properties. These avenues includes:

  • Federal Housing Authority (FHA): Functioning as a government agency tasked with housing development projects nationwide, the FHA occasionally facilitates direct sales of houses. Interested buyers can peruse available listings on their official website: or directly contact their Abuja office for further inquiries.
  • Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN): Offering mortgage services and occasionally dealing with the sale of repossessed houses, the FMBN stands as another viable option. While they might not maintain a dedicated listing for government properties, individuals can explore potential acquisitions in Abuja through their website:
  • Estate Agents: Numerous estate agents operate in Abuja, many of whom advertise government-built houses among their listings. Prospective buyers can conduct online searches or reach out to estate agents directly to inquire about available properties. Noteworthy websites to explore include: Nigeria Property Centre:

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It’s essential to acknowledge that government houses often come with a substantial price tag and might be situated on the outskirts rather than within the city center. Hence, it’s advisable to carefully evaluate your budget constraints and preferred location parameters before embarking on your property search.