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Tacha discloses her tiredness with Nigerian men and contemplates dating men from other countries. ( Video)



Reality star Tacha Akide has expressed her weariness with Nigerian men and is contemplating shifting her romantic interests to South African men.

During an episode of the Big Friday Show on Cool FM Lagos, Tacha, also known as the “First Daughter of Port Harcourt,” disclosed her intentions to explore dating South African men, citing her belief that Nigerian men treat Nigerian women unfairly.

In a conversation with Yvonne Godwin, who is currently dating South African reality star Juicy Jay, also a fellow BBTitans reality star, Tacha inquired about the experience of dating a South African man:

Tacha: “How does it feel like dating a South African? I mean, for Nigerian girls like us who are growing weary of Nigerian boys due to their treatment towards us. What’s the experience like dating a South African? I’m considering South Africans now.”

Yvonne responded: “I don’t view him based on his nationality because he is unique. He makes the relationship effortless. He endeavors to understand Nigerian culture and cuisine. He is very receptive and caring. Unlike others who rush, he took his time to truly understand me. His love for me is evident.”

watch video below: