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An Igbo man promises not to leave his wife even if he finds out their children aren’t his after 10 years of marriage. (Video)



An Igbo man’s stance on not divorcing his wife, even if his children are not biologically his after 10 years of marriage, has sparked discussion.

In a street interview, he expressed his readiness to view the children as adopted and affirmed that his love for his wife would remain unchanged.

He explained that in Igbo culture, a child conceived before marriage is automatically considered the husband’s.

Internet users shared their opinions on his statement and voiced their reactions to the situation. Here are some of their responses:

ARCHDUKE OF PH wrote: “He’s right. men should love to take care of children even if it’s not theirs. For they’ll be rewarded in heaven.”

Charles said: “If she’s taking half my stuff then no, but if not, she can go back to her family, but the children will remain”

toshine claimed: “I won’t divorce her as well, but I may never be able to trust her again”

Kwara Lastborn II said: “E never happen to you, na why you dey cap.”

Mautiin01 noted: “Nah person wey suppose marry blessing CEO be this”

Dr. Mary wrote: “You don’t love your wife”

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