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Harrysong pledges to unveil the person who allegedly used witchcraft against him.



Popular singer Harrysong has made a strong statement, pledging to reveal the identity of the person he claims used witchcraft against him.

This declaration comes in the wake of a messy separation from his estranged wife Alexer, following a series of leaked chats where Harrysong allegedly urged her to terminate pregnancies due to the consistent birth of female children.

Harrysong took to his Instagram story to express his frustration, feeling manipulated by an unnamed individual who intruded into his peaceful life.

He stated that this person shattered his world with their charm and alleged witchcraft.

The singer is determined to expose this individual, believing that the truth should be known to the world.

In his own words: “You deceived me, intruded into my peaceful, blessed world with your juju, charm, and witchcraft, only to destroy it? Is that how much of a threat I am to your evil realm? Jesus Christ. The world deserves to know the truth about you. I will reveal you.”

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