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Carter Efe shares an update on Khaid’s health. (Video)



Famous skit maker, Carter Efe, has posted a video updating Nigerians on singer Khaid’s health status since his recent hospitalization.

Last month, Khaid was hospitalized due to internal bleeding, as seen in a viral video showing him distressed on a hospital bed receiving medical attention. Sydney Talker, his record label boss, appealed for prayers on social media, causing heightened concerns. Carter Efe, a close friend of Sydney, publicly urged for updates on Khaid’s health.

In a recent X page post, Carter Efe shared a new video of Khaid in the hospital, using crutches with assistance from two individuals to move around.

Captioning the video, Carter wrote: “Thank God Khaid is getting better”

Some online users accused the singer and his record label boss of seeking attention with the reported illness.

Read some reactions below:

Jobless_Captain wrote: “All these PR stunts, you guys are improving”

Declan Ibraheem said: “You’re just seeking attention”

Simi_fans said: “You’ve lost credibility”

timi_threads said: “If this turns out to be a publicity stunt, you’ll hear about it”

Realtopez said: “I don’t understand why you have to film a man struggling with crutches”

watch video below: