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Seyi Law addresses criticism after expressing his views on the government’s cybersecurity levy.



Comedian Seyi Law responds to criticism after voicing his concerns about the government’s cybersecurity levy, despite being a staunch supporter.

Following his remarks against the Nigerian government’s decision to enforce a 0.5% cybersecurity levy on bank transactions, Seyi Law faced backlash from Nigerians who accused him of disloyalty.

In response, Seyi Law labeled his critics as “idiots” and questioned the notion that supporting a leader means blindly accepting all their policies.

He stressed that the timing for implementing a cybersecurity levy is inappropriate, advocating instead for a focus on increasing the minimum wage.

Addressing those who raised concerns about the minimum wage, Seyi Law clarified that it directly affects their parents and not him, while praising supporters of President Tinubu as “better Nigerians.”

In his words: “Why do some idiots think that supporting a person means accepting all their policies? While the cybersecurity levy may be from an amended act, I believe now is not the right time for its implementation. The government’s priority should be raising the minimum wage.

“Some of you are lamenting, but you haven’t seen anything yet. My brother, it’s your parents who receive the minimum wage, not me. The truth is, supporters of Mr. President are better Nigerians because we criticize when necessary.”

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