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Fireboy recalls a poignant moment when fans didn’t recognize him on stage.



Renowned singer Fireboy DML reminisces about a moment that brought him to tears during his early days as an artist when fans failed to recognize him at a show.

In an interview with Billboard News, Fireboy highlighted the challenges every aspiring musician encounters before achieving success in the music industry.

Recalling his toughest experience as a newcomer in the industry, the singer recounted feeling invisible at a show where no one acknowledged him as a performer on stage.

According to Fireboy, he was disheartened when the audience, along with the DJ, overlooked him and instead played music from other artists, leaving him feeling ignored and unseen.

“At every stage of their career, upcoming artists face various challenges. There was a show where I performed, and nobody even noticed I was on stage or gave me a second glance. Everyone was just dancing. The DJ was simply playing music. I felt invisible and ended up in tears in the car with my friend. I vowed never to ask for anything until I felt I deserved it,” he shared.

His candid revelation resonated with many social media users who could relate to similar experiences in their own journeys.

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