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Big 3: Terry G supports Wizkid, declaring him the greatest of all time.



Amidst the ‘Big 3’ discussion, popular rapper Terry G sparks debate by naming Wizkid the ‘all-timer’ without mentioning Davido, while explaining why he considers Wizkid a legend.

The ‘Sangalow’ hitmaker shares his opinion on his social media page, emphasizing that he’s not seeking attention but genuinely believes Wizkid has achieved legendary status in Nigerian music.

Terry G acknowledges Burna Boy’s prominence but asserts that Wizkid’s contributions to the culture have solidified his place as an all-time great.

Fans take note of Terry G’s omission of Davido’s name and express their thoughts in the comments:

iamdbull: “So Davido is not even in the conversation?”

iamwillowy: “30BG members might think the lyrics ‘Came into the game no one can replace me’ is just for advertising “

amakabenz_: “I asked Siri who’s the best musician in Nigeria, and Siri said Wizkid… Truly, Wiz is who he thinks he is “

ballimon2412: “But didn’t Davido claim he’s active? “

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