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Yemi Alade expresses anger as she questions the Lagos State government about the recent spate of house demolitions. (Video)



Nigerian musician Yemi Alade is deeply troubled as she directs pointed inquiries at the Lagos State government regarding the recent surge of house demolitions.

In a widely circulated video, she questions the reasoning behind the ongoing demolitions, which result in residents being left without homes overnight.

She expresses dismay at the increasing frequency of these actions, particularly noting areas like Maryland as severely impacted.

With concern, she emphasizes the negative effects on the country’s real estate value and the dashed hopes of citizens whose modest investments for a better life are being destroyed.

She urges the government to explore alternative solutions, stressing the need for better approaches to address such issues.

Netizens’ comments:

Olamide asks: “Why are they constructing houses in unauthorized areas?”

Ezeaka_Cjay remarks: “I’m confident they’ll be compensated. I don’t think the government would render people homeless without compensation.”

Sammyjay points out: “The demolished buildings are either illegally constructed or built on canals; blame the real estate agents.”

Big R hopes: “I trust the government is providing assistance to those affected.”

Whestpaara reacts: “It’s exhausting to see people made homeless just for road construction.”

TOSIN concludes: “She’s correct; there’s always a better way, but the Lagos state government tends to overlook that.”

watch video below: