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Abuja barber maintains his stance of ‘FC no dey beg’ even after being contacted by Davido’s manager. (Video)



An Abuja barber, Kallystouch, who clashed with the famous Afrobeat singer Davido, maintains his refusal to apologize even after allegedly being contacted by the singer’s manager.

The altercation began when the barber taunted Davido, prompting a response from O.B.O about his intention to patronize the barber’s business, which he now renounces.

In a recent development, the barber went live on his Instagram page, claiming to have been contacted by someone purporting to be the singer’s manager. Despite the pressure to apologize and resolve the conflict amicably, he adamantly refuses to do so.

During the live video, he adamantly insists that he stands with Wizkid FC and remains unwavering in his refusal to reconcile. He asserts, “FC no dey beg; Wizkid remains my 001 in the music industry.

I didn’t say that to hurt anyone or pull anybody down. And again, there’s a statement ‘Davido made about coming to Abuja and I’d have been his barber. How?? Do you know me before? If not because of my comment, you go reply me? Do you know me bro? FC is number one. Me I no dey beg anybody; who go help me no go stress me.”

watch video below: