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Davido engages in a heated dispute with an Abuja barber, he responds strongly to the confrontation with O.B.O.



Renowned Afrobeat singer Davido Adeleke criticizes an Abuja barber who mocked him, prompting a robust response from the revered musician.

Davido had posted photos on his Instagram page, inviting his followers to join him in a city in the United Arab Emirates, captioning it, “HABIBI COME TO DUBAI !!!!!” Abuja barber Kallystouch seized the opportunity to taunt Davido in the comments, referring to him as the third position in the music industry, stating, “The only 3rd man in the music industry 003.”

Upon seeing the comment, the record label boss expressed disappointment, mentioning how he had saved the barber’s contact with the intention of patronizing him soon but would no longer do so.

Davido replied, “I don save ur picture I for come Abuja … u for cut my hair wey don almost finish but u like social media … my last 3 barbers I open shop for them .. nah so u dull ur generation blessing smh.”

Unfazed by Davido’s response, Kallystouch took to his Instagram story to identify himself as a Wizkid FC, affirming that neither Davido nor his 30BG fans could unsettle him.

He declared, “Davido no be my God, FC forever. I am a Wizkid FC Barber 1 period.”