Netflix to increase subscription price in Nigeria from April 1, 2024


The world popular streaming platform Netflix is increasing its subscription plans in Nigeria. The price hike will affect Netflix standard plan, premium plan and mobile plan. Currently, the standard plan is priced at N3,500 and will be increased to N4,000, premium plan is priced at N4,400 and will be increased to N5,000 and the mobile plan which is N1,200 will also be increased to N1,600. Only the Basic plan which is currently N2,900 will remain unchanged.

The price hike is part of the company’s moves to revise its subscription fees across various nations. In addition, the price increase is also aimed at increase the company’s revenue and earnings strategies, following a pattern of periodic price hikes to support to expansion of contents offerings.

In a nutshell, if you’re a Netflix user in Nigeria, your subscription plan price will increase in April, 2024. Only Mobile subscribers will renew their plan for N2,900 – the previous price.