How You Can Register For UACE Exam 2024

How to register for UACE Exams in Uganda

The Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) is an important examination for all Ugandan students seeking admission into University or other high institutions in the country. In this article, I will walk you through the requirements needed to write the UACE exams and the process to easily register for the exams.

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) is responsible for commencing the UACE Exams for students seeking admission in to high institutions in Uganda. The board usually begins candidate registration for the UACE Examinations annually, between April 1 and May 31.

However, to be eligible to register and write the UACE Examinations, you must possess the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) and have at least “pass” in relevant subjects that aligns with your ambitious University course.

Another thing to know before registering for the UACE Exams is that if you’re not enrolled in a formal school, yoy can register for the exams as private candidates.

However, the registration process for private candidates differs slightly, and they may face additional requirements. You can get in touch with UNEB directly via physical office or oniline portal for details on registering as a private candidate.

UACE Examination Fees

There’s no certain fees for the exams each year. However, early registration will let you benefits from the standard registration fees. Late registration, on the other hand, incurs an additional fees. Hence, complying with the designated period; April 1 to May 31 is mandatory.

You may consult your school counsellors or university admissions departments for guidance. In most cases, Schools typically handle the initial eligibility checks and registration processes, hence, it’s advisable to consult your school administration for guidance.

UACE Registration

UACE registration is done electronically (i.e online portal or e-portal) through accredited schools. Hence, to begin your UACE exams registration, visit your school administration office. They will guide you through all the registration process and ensure you have the necessary documents to sit for the Exams.

However, you will be mandated to provide your bio-data and verify your profile. Personal information like your full legal names, academic details, and your chosen subject combination will be obtained by the Admin to proceed with the UACE exams registration.

Examination fee will also be obtained from you by the Admin and paid directly to the UNEB portal. Once the payment is made, the examination body will send you a confirmation containing slip acknowledging your successful registration for UACE.

After registration, you can begin to prepare for the examination by reading and reviewing what you’ve been thought in your secondary school days. You can also go further by getting some necessary text books from your desire University that goes inline with your course. It will help you have one step ahead of the exam.

In conclusion, registering for the 2024 UACE exams involves checking your eligibility with your school first (or contacting UNEB directly if you’re a private candidate) and then proceeding with the electronic registration process facilitated by your school. Remember, the registration period typically runs from April to May, so stay tuned for official announcements from the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) to ensure you don’t miss the deadline.