How to Reverse Money on OPay


Many people in Nigeria want their Money reversed whenever a transaction is pending on OPay. These people are frustrated and begin to ask if OPay refund Money.

Does OPay Refund Money?

Yes, OPay can refund your money depending on the status of the transaction. For instance, if you transaction is in pending state on the OPay App, and it later unsuccessful, the money will be reversed and refunded into your OPay Wallet.

However, if the transaction later become successful, the money will goes straight to the recipient account number without any reversal of refund.

This situation has brought question about “how to cancel pending transactions on the OPay App.

The fact is that, you cannot cancel a pending transaction on the OPay. You will have to wait until the transaction status change. It can be successful or unsuccessful.

However, if the status of the pending transaction remain unchanged for about 24 hours, contact OPay customer service. They’ll help you better.

If I mistakenly sent Money to wrong Account, how can it be reversed?

If you mistakenly sent money to wrong person, there are few things you can do to get the money reversed automatically to your OPay Account or refunded by the person.

First of all, if such transaction is in pending status, you can quickly contact OPay live chat. They’ll immediately reverse the transaction before it’s successful.

However, if the transfer is already successful, you can contact the recipient and nicely talk to him or her about the transaction. He/she can pitifully refund the money to your OPay Account.

But in a situation whereby you don’t have the person’s number, you can copy the account number and take it to the person’s bank for complain. The recipient bank will help you with further assistance.

How to track OPay Transactions:

To track your transactions on OPay App, kindly click on the “Transactions History” at the top right corner of the app dashboard. From the History page, you can monitor and manage the Transactions and status of your OPay Account.