How I obtained 20K Loan from OKash for the first time

OKash Loan

OKash is a Loan service of BlueRidge Microfinance Bank, a duly licenced MFB company in Nigeria. Today, May 13, 2024, I was watching skits on YouTube and OKash advertisement played next. I was like, let try this people service whether they’re real or not.

So, I downloaded and installed the OKash Loan app from the Google play store and I began the loan application process.

Inputted my financial details including my BVN, receiving account number, my email address, my home address and my full names.

My Loan Amount Eligibility for the first time

After, the Loan app processed my eligibility amount and I was given 20,000 for the first time. I thought it was a joke until I requested the Loan. With three minutes, I received the alert of 20,000 naira in my UBA Account.

OKash Loan being disbursed into my UBA Account

My Review

OKash Loan is a flexible, quick and no collateral Loan. The loan amount for the very first time is good and I’m being given an opportunity to repay the loan via my OPay App.

I have also noticed that the frequent usage of OPay Account contribute to the Loan disbursement time and your credit history trustworthiness.

I got a Loan amount of 20,000 naira and I’m expected to payback 24,800 in the next one month. This is actually cool but I can say the interest rate is kind high and the repayment durability is lengthy enough to repay any outstanding Loan balance.

How I obtained the Loan [Video Tutorial]

How to get Loan from OKash

To get a Loan from OKash, download the Loan app on Google Play Store and Sign-up/Login to the app simple by entering your phone number.

Complete your profile by submitting your Bank Verification Number (BVN), Residential Address, Utility Bill as proof of address, selfie video and photos of yourself, allow the loan app to your contact list and camera.

Once all that’s done, proceed to check your loan amount eligibility. After one minute of processing, the Loan app will display an amount you’re eligible to receive.

Once you’ve seen the amount, request for the Loan and with 5 minutes, the loan will be disbursed into the bank account you submitted. You can use any bank account in Nigeria to receive OKash Loan.

Let me know in the comments section if you encounter any difficulties obtaining Loan from the OKash Loan application.