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Why are things still expensive now that dollar is going down?”—Actress, Nkechi Blessing questions in recent video



The Nigerian Actress, Nkechi Blessing has taken to her Intagram Page to ask why the unchanging inflation of price of things in Nigeria, judging the little appreciation of Naira, recently.

Starting from last year till this year 2024, Naira has been devalued and dollar keeps increasing in exchange rates. The standard of living got higher and tougher, making it difficult for most Nigerians to sustain themselves.

This month, Naira stared to regain its value that was lost, but to everyone’s surprise, prices of items in the market refused to drop.

Nkechi Blessing, in a one minute video has asked why bloggers refused to update the public about the recent rise in Naira, and why prices of goods refused to come down.

She asserted that, traders are part of our problem in Nigeria, due to their continuous greed in profiting more than necessary.

What do you think can be done for prices of goods to come down?

Watch the video,

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