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Video of couples eating bread with soft drink in a restaurant surprises people online.



Hope for financially struggling men to find love emerges as couples are spotted enjoying bread and soft drinks together in a public restaurant.

The couples, on a double date, shared a large loaf of bread and each had a Fanta soda.

Here are some reactions to the video:

Big babyy joked: “These must be people from Ibadan “

Oyindamola commented: “Life isn’t hard; you’re just looking for a Lekki socialite.”

BIG SHABZ said: “Fanta and Bread … unusual combination! This could be a breakfast idea.”

Ishowleck wrote: “I’d like to try this kind of date. Maybe bread and beans with water.”

VERIFIED homie expressed disbelief: “I’m sure this isn’t Nigeria “

emrayiam asked humorously: “Why didn’t they just get beans to go with the bread? “

Kupa EmojiGuy complimented one of the women: “She’s more beautiful than many Lekki socialites “

Becky wondered: “Did they bring their own bread, or was it provided? “

watch video :