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Heartwarming moment as a Nigerian lady surprises her parents by returning home after 14 years. (Video)



A Nigerian woman orchestrated a surprise visit to her parents upon returning from the UK after 14 years abroad.

The emotional moment, captured on video and shared on TikTok by user @funmyte_more, portrayed the heartwarming reunion between the daughter and her unsuspecting parents.

The footage begins with the Nigerian woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, stepping out of a car, leaving her parents stunned and overwhelmed with joy and disbelief.

As she approaches them, her mother’s immediate reaction is one of sheer surprise, jumping up and embracing her tightly.

Tears of happiness stream down her face as she holds her daughter close, unable to contain her emotions.

Equally moved, the father joins in the embrace, his face radiating with happiness and relief at seeing his daughter after so long.

The caption of the video reads, “Surprise visit to my parents in Nigeria after 14 years in the UK.”

Reactions by netizens..

@EbonyIDNoble said; “Congratulations. You’re your dad’s carbon copy.” 

@Afrik kitchen said; “So beautiful to watch. Mumsy wan carry you o.. Lol.”

@best4best said; “A very big congratulations. God, the day I decided to go back home and visit my family, let both my parents be alive to welcome me in Jesus’ name. Amen. Let the hand of God cover you in that country.

@Triplets mum said; “Your mom made me cry wen she asked to carry u on her back. We will always remain babies in the eyes of our mother.”

Watch video below: