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Peruzzi reflects on receiving second-hand clothing as compensation for writing songs for Davido. ( Video)



Famed Nigerian singer Peruzzi Vibez opens up about receiving second-hand clothing as compensation for his songwriting contributions to his former boss, Davido.

During a recent discussion on the Curiosity Made Me Ask podcast with Isbae U, Peruzzi addressed rumors surrounding Davido’s alleged practice of compensating him with pre-worn garments for his songwriting efforts.

While these rumors may seem improbable, they have persisted over the years and garnered attention.

When asked by Isbae U about these rumors, Peruzzi chuckled and admitted that it had happened in the past but clarified that it was no longer the case.

Peruzzi also discussed why his sarcastic remarks tend to garner more attention on Twitter than his music releases, attributing it to people’s appreciation for his humor.

In terms of his songwriting contributions to Davido, Peruzzi has been the creative force behind many of Davido’s songs, either writing or co-writing them.

watch video below: