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Toke Makinwa shares insight into her decision to bleaching her skin.



Nigerian entertainer Toke Makinwa reveals her struggles with skin bleaching and expresses regret for the decision.

In her book “Becoming,” which delves into various aspects of her life, she confessed to lightening her skin because her ex-husband, Maje, cheated on her with someone with lighter skin tone.

In an effort to impress him and prevent him from straying, she chose to change her skin tone to resemble the other woman’s.

However, this didn’t achieve the desired result, and they eventually divorced.

During a Twitter question and answer session with her fans, Toke was asked about things she would do differently if she could turn back time.

She responded by mentioning skin bleaching as one of the things she regrets, describing it as the “dumbest thing ever.” She expressed gratitude for good genetics and financial stability.

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