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The video of Chioma dancing with Davido at her birthday celebration in Jamaica goes viral, stirring buzz on social media. (Video)



A video capturing Chioma Rowland-Adeleke twerking on her husband, Davido, during her birthday celebration in Jamaica has ignited a significant online buzz.

The clip shows Chioma energetically dancing with Davido, with Chioma twerking enthusiastically as Davido joins in behind her.

The footage has sparked a range of reactions online, with some viewers expressing admiration for the couple’s dynamic dance moves, while others feel uncomfortable with the display.

The birthday bash, held in Jamaica and attended by close friends and family, aimed to celebrate Chioma’s special day in a stylish manner. However, the focus quickly shifted to the viral video, prompting diverse opinions from social media users.

Comments vary from skepticism about the authenticity of the dance to criticism of Chioma’s dancing skills, with some even speculating about Davido’s fidelity.

Despite the mixed reactions, some users defend Chioma’s character and express admiration for her as a devoted partner.

The video has generated intense discussion and debate among online communities, reflecting the diverse perspectives of viewers.

watch video below: