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Woman cries as her boyfriend of six years betrays her by cheating with her closest friend. (Video)



A Nigerian woman is devastated to find out that her committed boyfriend of six years has cheated on her and impregnated her closest friend.

Tears streaming down her face, she struggles to articulate the painful ordeal she’s going through.

She reflects on their six-year relationship, during which she granted him considerable freedom.

However, the shocking discovery of his affair with her best friend and her subsequent pregnancy leaves her reeling.

Despite her willingness to start a family with him, he insisted on marriage first, adding to her anguish.

Her shock and hurt intensify upon learning about her friend’s pregnancy, leading her to question their love and trust.

She admits her deep affection for him and her willingness to bear his child, but his heartless actions leave her shattered.

In her despair, she curses him, wishing him a life devoid of peace for the pain he inflicted upon her.

watch video below: