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Davido surprises fans with the amount he earned at the Madison Square concert, sparking disbelief. ( Video)



Highly acclaimed artist Davido shocks many as he discloses the substantial earnings from his recent concert at Madison Square Garden, USA.

The Afrobeats sensation delivered a sold-out show at MSG, captivating fans with an unforgettable performance. During the event, he even paid off a student’s loan, adding to the memorable experience for attendees.

In a recent interview, Davido revealed the staggering amount he earned during the show, totaling $1.3 million. However, this revelation has sparked diverse reactions from netizens who have watched the video.

Some reactions include:

@akeemtundeelegbeji: ‘Cho cho cho.'”

Others questioned the timing and authenticity of the interview, as seen in @edo’s comment: “He hastily arranged an interview within 72 hrs after the show, lying about his earnings, seeking relevance.

Burna Boy has earned more from real shows but hasn’t resorted to arranging interviews in a Lekki apartment with a microphone to stay relevant like Davido.”

Some criticized Davido’s tendency to exaggerate, as reflected in @malyy’s remark: “He lies excessively.”

Meanwhile, others compared his earnings to those of other artists, such as @williams’ comment: “Wizkid made 4.2 trillion Kuwait.”

Some netizens questioned Davido’s expenses, as seen in @j___corrupt1’s comment: “How much did you spend?”

Overall, reactions ranged from skepticism to support for Davido’s earnings claim.

watch video below