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Queen Mercy shares her experience of sacking a nanny who slept before her baby and woke up late. (Video)



Reality star Queen Mercy Atang shares her experience with a nanny who complained about getting little sleep and wanting to wake up as late as 10 a.m.

During a live podcast with Linda Ejiofor-Suleiman, the former Big Brother Naija contestant discussed her challenges with the nanny she hired and why she decided to let her go.

Queen Mercy explained the difficulties she faced with the nanny’s performance despite being recommended by an agency.

She recounted how the nanny would sleep early but still complained of not getting enough rest, even though she slept before everyone else in the house, including the baby.

In her words: ”I literally just fired one just recently. One morning, she called the agent to say she is not sleeping on time, meanwhile she sleeps before everyone at home. I mean; even before my baby.”

”She said she wants to go to bed very early and wake up before 10am.”

”See Office work in my house, on top of the thousand’s of Naira I am paying the agency. I jejely told the white collar worker in disguise of a Nanny to please forgive me be going before I kïll a lot of people,” she captioned the video.

Fed up with the situation and the additional expenses of hiring through the agency, Queen Mercy decided to dismiss the nanny to avoid further frustration.

watch video below: