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VeryDarkMan accuses Pastor Ebuka Obi of reportedly imprisoning a man for 40 days due to defamation.



Controversial activist VeryDarkMan criticizes preacher Ebuka Obi for allegedly imprisoning a man for 40 days over defamation.

In an Instagram video, VeryDarkMan accuses Pastor Ebuka Obi of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach (ZPMO) of locking up a man named Ijele for 40 days after being called a false pastor.

Questioning how Jesus Christ would handle such a situation, VeryDarkMan highlights the impact on the man’s family.

He challenges Pastor Ebuka Obi to release Ijele if he truly embodies the principles of a man of God.

He said:

“Pastor Ebuka Obi, you are a yeye man. You are a lie lie pastor. For those of you who don’t know this pastor, this is the pastor of Zion Outreach. Ijele has spent 40 days in prison. You locked him up because he said you are a fake pastor.

“Would Jesus Christ detain somebody for calling him fake? Do you know how many things were done to Jesus? It’s a civil matter; you are supposed to sue him. It’s not fair. If you are a true man of God, go and release him.”

watch video below: