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Vee keeps her boyfriend’s face hidden even though she once said she wouldn’t date for a while.



Reality TV personality Vee sparks curiosity online by concealing her boyfriend’s face, despite previously declaring she’d stay single.

Earlier, she discussed the challenges of dating in Lagos and her avoidance of heartbreak situations.

In a recent video, she’s seen on a date with a man believed to be DJ Shawn, but she deliberately hides his face, revealing only other parts of his body.

Watch video below:

some comments below:

euniceuche31 said: “Beauty and neo dey pressure both vee and shegg”

shopah0lik said: “Hmmm for Vee to post this then neo n beauty dey pain her. But I still love u Vee”

mimi__dans said: “It’s not a new boo
They’ve been together for a while now
This isn’t her first time posting her and we know it’s DJ Shawn
Love that my Vee is happy

prixy_global_collections said: “Everyone of them trying so hard to post with a partner , weather is real or fake, competition mentality. Una go tire or we go here story, no be social media”

norma_gcingca said; “Neo and Beaury you did this one the pressure is getting worserrr