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Paul Okoye expresses frustration about handling household chores without maids while living abroad.



Renowned Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, voices his frustrations about managing household tasks alone while living abroad and the frequent accidents he encounters.

In a recent Instagram live session, the P-Square member shares his experiences while visiting his children in the United States of America.

Paul highlights the stark differences in daily life abroad compared to Nigeria, particularly the absence of household help.

He reveals that during his visit, he has had to learn to cook, clean, and do dishes, but his main challenge lies in avoiding cuts from knives, as evidenced by the numerous wounds on his hands incurred during dishwashing.

“I don wash wash plate, Plate don wash me. I dey throway trash, dey sweep; knife don cut cut my hand. These knives dey target my hand. Thank God I dey do grocery shopping online but shey I fit wash plate online? I don learn how to cook stew by force by fire. Omo dey where you dey wey dem no your skill, if you come here ehn, O.Y.O (On Your Own),” he stated partly.

see video below: