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Neo addresses allegations of an affair with Mabel Makun.



Entertainer and former BBN housemate Neo Akpofure speaks out following multiple accusations linking him to Mabel Makun.

Recently, popular comedian AY Makun and his wife announced their decision to divorce after two decades of marriage, sparking speculation about the reasons behind their split.

Among the rumors circulating online was one suggesting that Mabel had been involved in a romantic relationship with Neo.

While neither Mabel nor Neo had addressed these rumors until now, it appears that the reality TV star has reached his breaking point.

Taking to Twitter, Neo expressed his frustration, condemning those who spread unfounded rumors about him and wishing them divine retribution. He emphasized his determination to focus on his own journey and criticized the media for dragging his name into baseless controversies.

In his passionate message, Neo made it clear that he would no longer tolerate being unfairly targeted and would confront such allegations head-on.

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