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Real Warri Pikin celebrates her blessings as she commemorates her 11th wedding anniversary with her husband.



Renowned comedienne Anita Asuoha, known as Real Warri Pikin, joyfully celebrates her 11th wedding anniversary with her husband, Ikechukwu.

The beloved actress shares photos from their wedding day on her Instagram page to commemorate this special milestone.

She expresses gratitude for the 11 beautiful years they’ve spent together, filled with love, cherished memories, and shared dreams.

In her heartfelt message, she writes: “Happy 11th anniversary to us Every new year is special, more blessed, and more exciting than the last.”

The comment section is flooded with congratulatory messages from friends and fans:

awesome_ann: “Congratulations to you both! May you continue to bask in love, peace, and prosperity, with God’s guidance all the way “

i_bizle: “Happy anniversary to my people! “

ritaayuya: “Happy 11th marriage anniversary to my dear family.”

nelsonallisonofficial: “May the Lord strengthen your union “

theonlychigul: “As we celebrate today and forever, God bless and keep you both.”

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