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“I go cast you” – Bobrisky and Portable clash over the best-dressed female award. ( Video)



Nigerian singer Portable and social media influencer Bobrisky clashed online regarding the best-dressed female award received by Bobrisky.

Portable criticized Bobrisky on Instagram for accepting the award among women and alleged that Bobrisky used money and surgery to appear feminine.

Bobrisky responded by insulting Portable and blocking him. Privately, Portable messaged Bobrisky, leading to both exchanging insults.

Fans and colleagues took sides, with some supporting Portable’s criticism and others siding with Bobrisky.

Here are some comments:

@djspicey: “Omo Portable is fearless, Bobrisky should be careful not to get embarrassed.”

@officialogvictor: “Bobrisky remains the talk of Nigeria, no one can deny his impact.”

@toeriah_xtra: “Bobrisky picked the wrong person to argue with. Portable is not one to back down easily.”

@popsi_ari: “Bobrisky is not entirely at fault. After all, isn’t he awarded by some as a role model? It’s a message to society.”

Listen below

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